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Wood Floor Drying

Wet Wood Floors


When flooded wood floors become soaked, it may cause the floor planks to expand or “crown” which means the edges of the wood planks lifts upwards causing a cupping affect, In most cases this can be avoided or reversed with quick response and the use of specialized wood floor drying equipment.


Good Guy Plumbing of Maui, has the most technically sophisticated wood floor drying equipment available in the industry, as well as having over 34 years in the wood floor drying industry.


In most cases, even if your wood floors have already started to cup or has become discolored from water we can help. When it comes to damaged wood floors, we can do amazing things, but a wet wood floor requires immediate action so don't wait. 


An image of injecti dry wood floor drying equipment, saving a flooded wood floor in Maui, HI.
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