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Mold Removal

Mold Remediation


If you believe there is mold in your home because either you can see it, there’s a musky smell, you or your family members you may already be experiencing mold allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, or chest and lung pains. You should contact Good Guy Restoration Mold Services for a mold inspection.


Our company uses the latest mold locating equipment available to identify the growth impacted areas. If the mold areas cannot be detected and observed visually or with the use of digital mold inspection equipment.  Air sampling may be recommended.



Mold Testing


Air sampling and mold testing consists of specialized analyzation equipment which pumps the air from a specific room into a petri dish. It can then be sent to be analyzed by an environmental sampling lab to determine the type of mold and spore count of the sampled area.


Once analyzed, if specific types of mold such as Stachybotrys chartarum “black mold” or if the mold spore count is found to be elevated, Good Guy Restoration mold cleanup service will put together a comprehensive mold remediation plan for the area.


Many people have a need for a thorough and certified Maui mold removal company who can properly remove mold (remediate mold). Mold can grow in any house, apartment, business, or condo, no matter how new or how old the building is. Especially in a place like Maui, fungal issues can become a huge problem. If you think you need mold remediation services, you should contact Good Guy Restoration, a trusted Maui mold remediation company as soon as possible.


With the information gained from a inspection or air sampling analysis, Good Guy Restoration mold removal of Maui, a certified Maui mold removal company, can perform the mold clean-up that is appropriate for the given conditions. Mold remediation is no small matter. In fact, unless a certified specialist performs the  remediation project correctly, mold spores can be spread to other areas of your house or business, and the air quality can get much worse.


Using bleach will only exasperate matters, as the bleach causes the spores to become airborne and potentially contaminating previously unaffected rooms and air ducts.


The trained and experienced mold removal experts at Good Guy Restoration of Maui will have the right safety equipment and environmental controls to make sure the affected areas are properly remediated, and the mold does not return.



Mold Remediation Plan


Once the mold inspection is complete, Good Guy Restoration can put together a mold removal plan for your property. Our mold inspector will identify the location of the fungal growth as well the underlying causes of it, which includes possible plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and other areas of moisture intrusion or water damage. If need be, mold testing can identify the specific kinds of mold and their health risks for people occupying the building. Both of those steps, testing and inspection, can be taken into consideration when remediation technicians draw up the plan for remediation.


The outline for the remediation job will be based around a general strategy that prioritizes safety, eliminates cross-contamination, and restore the fungal contaminated area back to its original, pre-mold condition.


Once a mold remediation plan has been arranged, Good Guy Restoration, the local, professional, and choice Maui mold clean up company can begin the actual work needed to clean and restore the area. Our IICRC certified mold remediation technicians will do several things before they begin work.

What we practice that many don’t, are the proper safety measures to protect against harming both the residents of the structure as well as the employees working on the remediation project.

Our mold abetment team will set-up containment chambers.  The chambers are physical barriers, usually constructed of heavy-duty plastic sheets and specialized containment poles which are then air-sealed that will stop airborne contaminants like mold spores from entering other parts of the property during the remediation process.


When mold colonies are aggravated or disturbed, they can release even more dangerous spores than usual, which could potentially make the air quality even worse for people in the building. In this way the chambers also act as a safety measure to stop cross-contamination, so that mold will not begin growing in another room. The containment room can also be arranged to produce a negative air pressure effect. This allows air to be pulled into the chamber not out thereby reducing the chance that any air from the contained room will enter another room if a seal is broken, or as workers move in and out of the contaminated room.


The remediation crew always wear the proper safety equipment for the project at hand. This may include full-body suits and air-filtration devices. The mold spores can be especially concentrated in a mold remediation site, it is imperative that workers avoid breathing the contaminated air and block mold spores from getting into their nasal cavities and eyes. These procedures are taken to protect our mold, lead and sewage removal technicians here on Maui, Hawaii.



A Mold Removal Company You Can Trust

Once all the appropriate precautions have been taken into consideration, the actual work of removing hazardous materials can begin. Our IICRC certified technicians will manage the entire remediation process, including decontamination of areas affected by mold. Whenever possible, it is best to attempt to salvage moldy material (building material with damage). However, there are times when mold affects the structural integrity of a building, eating away at wood beams so that they need to be replaced. In these cases, it’s best to put in new building materials.


Mold decontamination (also called mold restoration, or mold remediation) is always conducted according to the most stringent industry standards available. Some people who do not use a professional restoration clean-up team will attempt to clean mold with bleach and water. This is a bad idea. Bleach will hardly ever actually kill the mold. It will instead simply turn the mold white. Also, household bleach contains so much water, it may act as a moisture source for the mold to continue growing. Our company uses the proper techniques, equipment and EPA registered solutions to remove mold colonies and eliminate the possibility of future mold growth.



Mold Cleanup Guarantee by Good Guy Plumbing


A Maui mold remediation company that provides a thorough guarantee of their work like Good Guy Plumbing isn’t easy to find. Many may claim to offer guarantees that don’t mean much. Others don’t offer any guarantee at all. Good Guy Restoration offers a guarantee on all mold remediation work it performs. This provides assurance to our clients that we are doing the job correctly.


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