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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Backup Mess

Good Guy Plumbing and Restoration is a certified professional company that offers the most comprehensive and efficient sewage cleanup services on Maui, HI. Sewage backups and leaks can be serious health concerns to people, these situations often involve sewer water that’s full of dangerous bacteria and pathogens.


If you have suffered sewage damage in your home or business, time is crucial. Both gray water and black water mainline backups are filled with hazardous bacteria and pathogens. These microorganisms can cause limb threating infections on your body such as feet or other areas that have had contact with the dangerous bacteria's.


Also, as the sewage or gray water begin to evaporate, the pathogens become aerosolized and rise into the air into with a particle size smaller than 3 microns. These aerosolized bacteria particles are the breathed in through the lungs and directly enter the blood stream allowing for the hazardous bacteria into the blood and allow for distribution throughout your body which can cause infections, sickness or even death.


Good Guy Plumbing and Restoration Service, can get your home back to a clean healthy environment as quickly as possible.



Sewage Cleanup Maui


The professionals at Good Guy Plumbing and  Restoration of Maui are equipped with the proper training and specialized equipment to get the sewage cleanup job done safely and correctly. If you want to protect your property from serious biohazards, the sewage mitigation services we offer can make that a reality. Sewage leaks don’t just smell bad, they can also present significant health risks. They can bring dangerous bacteria and viruses into your home or business that can seriously compromise your health.


Our skilled certified sewage extraction technicians can clean, treat, and remove the source of the contamination. Helping keep your property or business become safe and clean again.


It can be extremely dangerous (and ineffective) for people to try to clean sewage problems on their own. Sewage cleanup requires specialized equipment and the experience of certified professionals.


Our Sewage Sanitizing Crew

Our technicians at Good Guy Plumbing and Restoration are sewage removal specialists on Maui who are trained and experienced in the sewage cleanup process.


Whether it’s a water damage cleanup, flood cleanup, or a sewage backup, harming your home or commercial property, you need a team who can clean up the damage and reduce the exposure to you and your family.


The experts at Good Guy Plumbing and Restoration of Maui have the equipment and experience to get you back to normal fast.

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