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Drain Repair Maui

Cast Iron Drain Repairs

Here on Maui cast iron drainpipes have a much shorter life than most places on the mainland due to the salt in the Maui air and soil. Most of the drains in your home are made from cast iron, this is because the density of cast iron is much quieter than plastic drain lines. Most drain line damage is caused by a tiny hairline crack that over time develops into a large crack that can run the full length of the drainpipe.

If you live in a two-story home or in a downstairs unit, you will have these cast iron pipes in the walls which then run underground and out to the street city sewer system. If these pipes need repair, Good Guy Plumbing is one of the best Maui plumbing companies you can call. We have electronic pipe tracing equipment to not only find the location of the plumbing pipe, but T.V. cameras which can be sent down the pipe to find the break itself.



Plastic Drain Repairs


White PVC and Black ABS are plastic pipes which are commonly used for both inside and outside drain lines. These type of drain lines are typically what you see under your sink. These drain lines are much easier to repair than cast iron pipes, as they are much lighter and can be glued together instead requiring thick rubber clamp joints. These rubber joints can sometimes be a real bear to install. PVC and ABS plastic drain lines are very commonly used by most Maui plumbing companies. If you have a pipe burst or leak in your ABS or PVC pipes don't worry, they can be repaired so you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Clay Drain-line Repairs

Pipes made of clay are not used much anymore, they were a very popular pipe used for inground drain

and sewer lines for many years. Nowadays, clay drain lines are not used in new Maui home construction

due to their fragility and ease of root intrusion. If a root enters through the area where the pipes are

connected, the root will grow over time and can cause a crack or even collapse the entire drain line.

Due to old the age of most Maui homes, many of the drains here are made of these fragile clay pipes.

If you have a problem with you Maui drains, give Good Guy Plumbing a call today.  

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