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Drain Camera Inspection

Identifying the cause of Slow or Clogged Drains.

Correctly identifying plumbing and drain problems can save you time and money, and ensure that you won’t have a bigger problem on your hands down the road. We highly recommend scheduling a video pipe inspection if you’re experiencing any of the following:


  • Repeated drain backups or clogs

  • Extremely slow drainage

  • Strange gurgling sounds from your sinks or toilets

  • Foul odors coming from your yard or a sunken area in your lawn

  • Nasty odors coming from your air vents


A Maui drain inspection can quickly help to determine the cause of these problems. With video verification in hand, our plumbing technicians can walk you through a discussion of the most efficient and budget-friendly options for repair.


You might also benefit from a pre purchase video drain line inspection if you are:

Considering purchasing a new Kihei or Wailea home and want to avoid future costly repairs.


Maui Drain Camera Inspection Process

A drain line camera inspection provides you with a recorded visual

inspection of sewer lines and other pipes below your home

or commercial building.


Our Maui plumbers run a flexible cable, or “camera snake,” with a

high-resolution video camera on its tip into your sewer line from an

access point. The drain video camera travels deep down into the

pipes – up, down and around corners – through pipes that cannot

easily be accessed any other way because they’re underground or in cement.


Our video drain line camera transmits real-time images to a monitor outside the pipe, allowing on of our Maui drain cleaning technicians to determine the condition of the pipe and necessary repairs or replacements on the spot. Our Maui plumbers can then recommend the best approach for addressing the drain problem and provide a more informed recommendations and the estimate of the repair if needed.


This is the main advantage of a video pipe inspection: you won’t pay for costly repairs you don’t need.


When energized, the real-time video camera head is also capable of sending out a sonar signal of the physical location of the identified underground problem saving you time and money.


You might find that there are no existing problems in your drains or sewer line. In this case, your plumbing technician can still provide you with a review of the sewer line condition and helpful tips to reduce the chance of any future issues.

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