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Toilet Repair 

Toilet Repairs


Everyone on Maui needs their toilet to work properly, but sometimes things go wrong. Our friendly Maui toilet repair plumbers are prepared to fix any sort of toilet repair problem you might face, including issues such as slow draining toilets, overflowing bowls, leaking tanks and constant running water. Good Guy Plumbing carries a wide selection of toilet parts for the most popular brands right on the truck, this allows us to get your toilet repaired as quickly as possible.



Common reasons why toilets leak.


There are a lot of reasons why your toilet might spring a leak, but we find these three questions usually corner the problem:

1. Were the parts to your toilet installed over five years ago?

2. Has your toilet had prolonged exposure to bleach in-tank cleaners?

3. Is your toilet showing visible rust, or is it warping with age?


No matter what the cause, Good Guy toilet repair can repair  


Most common toilet repair issues.

Listed below are the most common toilet repair problems faced on Maui.

  • Toilet clogged

  • ​Toilet water running nonstop

  • Toilet bowl overflowing

  • ​Tank vibrating when filling

  • Slow filling tank

  • Bowl leaking

  • Bowl draining slowly

  • Leaking supply line

  • Loose seat


New toilet installation

Sometimes that old toilet just needs to go, either from age, or you just want a new one.

No mater what the reason, we can ether provide a new toilet or we will install one you have already purchased. Good Guy Plumbing is your toilet repair experts, so for friendly service on Maui give us a call today.

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