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Maui Plumbers

Hiring Maui plumbers


Finding the right Maui plumbing company does not have to be a daunting task.

One of the first things you have to ask yourself is, "which Maui plumbing company do I call for my particular problem?

Most people don't realize is that most Maui plumbing companies specialize in certain plumbing services. Some of these services could include drain cleaning, water heaters, residential plumbing or commercial plumbing. With that said, it is always best to ask the perspective Kaanapali plumbing company if they perform the type of service you need.


Why this is important is because not all plumbing companies may have the specialized equipment to do a particular service. For instance, you may have a hot spot on the floor and suspect there may be a broken pipe under your tile or cement slab. If this is the case, you may want to ask the perspective plumbing company if they have the specialized electronic equipment needed to find such a leak. You would be surprised how many Lahaina and Kaanapali plumbing company's do not have such equipment. Some Maui plumbing companies may just use the old "hand on the tile trick" to see if the floor is hot. This primitive approach can lead to a unwanted hole in the floor when the leaking pipe is actual in the wall or under a cabinet.

Another reason you may ask one of the local Kihei plumbers about specialized equipment, is that if you have a toilet or drain that just keeps clogging over and over it may require a drain CCTV camera which can be sent down the drain and physically see the reason for the reoccurring clogs. It's just like watching a video on your phone, it's great!


So when it's time to call one of the many Maui plumbing companies, you will now be a bit more prepared what to ask, which in the end will save you time and money by not having the plumber come out only to find he doesn't have the equipment needed to complete the job.

Maui plumbers near me


When calling Maui plumbing companies, one of the first questing you may want to ask if they serve your specific location, as well as when can they come out? Many Maui plumbing companies will set appointments based on when they will be in that particular area. This practice saves the plumber time and money but doesn't help you a bit when you need help today. If you need a Kaanapali or Lahaina plumber today and can't get a straight answer when they can come out, move on and call someone else who can.

We at Good Guy Plumbing serve most of Maui and will always give you a specific appointment time range, or at least let you know if we won’t be able to make it in the time requested. We won't leave you hanging.


Maui plumbing companies 


We at Good Guy Plumbing realize that there are many Maui plumbing companies to choose from.

What we feel defines us as a great plumbing choice, is that we are a licensed plumbing company the latest in specialized equipment to complete most any job. So, when it's time to call a Kaanapali plumber don’t hesitate to give us a call. We'll be happy to hear from you and will treat you right.

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