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Water Damage Restoration Maui

Water Damage Cleanup


Good Guy Services specializes in water damage restoration services on Maui. Such damage is predominantly caused by broken plumbing pipes, drain backups, or natural flooding caused by rain storms and roof leaks.


Addressing this type of issue requires a deep understanding of the drying properties of the building materials to be dried which we have been doing for over 34 years.


We use specialized digital moisture meters and  infrared cameras to detect, digitally measure and document the areas of elevated moisture. 


The Restoration Process.


Good Guy Services utilizes powerful high-tech dehumidification units, these units are used in conjunction with specialized turbo fans. This equipment combined with our preparatory techniques allows us to pull moisture from walls, flooring, and other building materials in a precise and efficient manner.

Time is crucial.


When you have water damage in your home or commercial setting. You not only want to get the building materials dried out to prevent further damage, but you need to get your life and those of your family or clients back to normal as soon as possible. With Paradise Restoration of Maui, you’ll receive a quick and accurate assessment of the situation. As well as a drying plan to get the project started quickly and efficiently.


Flood Damage Experts


As Maui's premier water damage restoration company, we handle all types of residential and commercial flood cleanups. When you’re in need of the best service possible when it counts most, you can rest easy knowing Paradise Restoration is on the job.


We have over 34 years in the industry, as well as the latest, most technically advance drying equipment available today. Don’t wait. When it really counts, call a company you can trust.

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