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Leak Detection Maui

Maui Leak Detection 


Slab leaks are difficult because the problematic pipes are generally built directly under the foundation itself. If these unexposed, underground pipes crack or develop pin holes due to the home settling or age, you’ve got a major issue that you can’t even see!  In most cases here are, however, some tell-tale signs:


Pooling water on the floor with no apparent leak source

Warm spots on the leakey floor

Moist musty carpets

Rising water or electricity bills

The sound of running or hissing water when the tap is off

Damp or muddy soil around the edge of the house

Movement on your water meter when no plumbing fixture is being used


Over time, slab leaks can erode your foundation and cause serious problems for the structure of your home.  In the meantime, they are inconvenient, costly, and even destructive, as your floor and appliances can be warped by water damage and even worse, cause severe mold issues for you and your family.


When you suspect that your home has a slab leak, it’s time to call in the professionals. Good Guy Plumbing can send over a fully licensed and trained plumber to fix your problem! Here’s how:


Slab and wall leak solutions


The first step to fixing any slab leak is to find precisely where the problem lies. For this, our Maui leak detection experts use only the most advanced technology: electromagnetic pipeline locators, thermal imagery, video inspection cameras, and sound amplification equipment to help us find the source of your slab leak accurately and efficiently.


Don’t ever let a handy man tear into your floor to find a slab leak based on the old ear to the ground trick! It takes specialized equipment and experience to properly locate the broken pipe or drain. 

Let the Good Guy professionals do what we do best. You’ll thank us later when you see for yourself how we help find the leak in a timely professional manner using the latest detection equipment available today.


It’s time for a leak repair 


Slab or wall leaks can be difficult to get to. Still, as we said, you don’t want anyone to come into your home and tear up all your floors or walls aimlessly searching for the pipe leak— there are better ways!  And thanks to our complete line of leak dedication equipment and being at the technological forefront of the plumbing industry, Good Guy Plumbing of Maui can give you the specialized options you need, such as:


Spot leak repair– If possible, we’ll do so with minimal damage, we’ll open the cement or wall at the location of the leak and do the repair or pipe replacement.


Rerouting– We’ll leave the existing, broken pipe and run a brand-new line around it.

The Good Guy Plumbing professionals are dedicated to give you the professional service you deserve. 


If you have reason to believe that one of the pipes in your home’s slab or wall has a leak, don’t hesitate. Call Good Guy Plumbing right away and have it fixed!


We do the job right the first time, because we have the knowledge and the right tools to get the job done. Call Good Guy Plumbing, because leak detection on Maui is what we do!

A photo of  burst pipe in a Maui home which was found during a plumbing leak detection service call.
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